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(d) Pennington Forceps, 6"

Standard triangular shaped clamping surface.

(e) Forrester Forceps, 6"

Standard rounded clamping surface.

(f) Septum Clamp, 12ga

Increases your piercing accuracy by lining up directly around the client's septum. Clamp is designed for a maximum needle size of 12ga.

(g) Ring Closing Pliers

Our ring closing pliers are polished and smooth to minimize damage to jewelry. We offer pliers designed for both small diameter rings and large diameter rings.

(h) Large Ring Opening Pliers

High polished, smooth design to minimize damage to jewelry. We have both 7 " and 8" available.

(i) Small Ring Opening Pliers, 4.5"

These small pliers will fit into the smallest of spaces with a unique point that allows for a reach that traditional opening pliers cannot fit.

(j) Stainless steel Receiving Tube, 4ga

Smooth slant cut stainless steel tube.

"We only sell to licensed, professional tattoo artists and studios!"