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(a) AlconoxUltrasonic Precision Powder Cleaner, 4lb box

Quickly dissolves to avoid clumping or clogging ultrasonic drains.

(c) Crosstex General Purpose Non-Ammoniated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Multi-purpose formula for the removal of buffing compounds, pumice, rouge, tripoli, food particles, foreign matter and soils of all types.

(d) Crosstex CrossZyme Ultrasonic Cleaner

A biodegradable, phosphate and chloride free component to enhance the removal of blood and proteinaceous fluids. (MADE IN THE USA)

(f) Vapor Line® Steam Sterilization Integrator Strips

Propper MFG. Vapor Line Steam Sterilization Integrators. (MADE IN THE USA)

  • This product is available in multiple packaging types:

(g) Crosstex Sure Check Strips, 100/bx

Class 4 indicator for use in pouches, tubing, autoclave bags, CSR wraps.

(h) MicroCide 28 HLD® (Similar to WAVICIDE)

We have decided to carry this Antimicrobial Disinfectant Solution over Wavicide, as Wavicide requires a 45-minute soak time, whereas Micro-Cide 28 HLD only requires 25-minute soak time. This product disinfects in nearly half the time.

  • This product is available in multiple packaging types:

(j) (SOLD OUT) Midmark Speed Clean®, Autoclave Cleaner, 16oz

Cleaner safely removes hard water build up and mineral deposits.

  • This product is available in multiple packaging types:

(j) Autoclave Cleaner by EPR Industries, 32oz bottle

High performance concentrate for use with steam autoclaves. 4 ounces of cleaner makes 68 ounces of solution.

(l) Starryshine Steam Indicator Tape .75"

Effectively seals tubing, autoclave bags, CSR wraps.

"We only sell to licensed, professional tattoo artists and studios!"